Ashley "Duivel" Evans

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Ashley "Duivel" Evans

Post by Ashley on Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:46 pm

"What can I say? I'm a creature of habit.."

"I'm a predator. I don't have to be a killer."

Given Names; Ashley Marie Evans
Nicknames; Ash, Ley, Duivel Wolf, Duivel.
Gender; Female.
Age; 17 years old.
Species; Biped and Quadruped Lycan.
Face and Vocal Claim; Shelley Hennig.

"I know I'm a wolf..."

Ashley is usually very quiet around new people. She's a born lycan, not knowing what it's like to live a normal life. Ash is very sarcastic and stubborn once she feels comfortable around people. After an event that happened, she is prone to panic attacks and night terrors and will often suffer from them when she is alone. She has a dark sense of humour and is usually laid back, but if someone hurts her friends or family, she'll snap. She was once scared of rejection, but soon grew out of the fear. Ashley usually speaks in soft tones, never really raising her voice unless she has to. When angered, Ashley doesn't hold back. She'll throw you against walls, and throw punches unless held back or someone close to her calms her down. Ashley isn't very romantic but she tries, she's also a smart ass.

"And I've been known to bite..."

Ashley grew up as a relatively attractive girl, with long brunette hair and brown eyes, which sometimes turn grey. She's more on the short side, with curves in all the right places. As she got older, she knew that she was attractive and used it to her advantage. Ash's lips a soft and plump, usually tasting of strawberries, she also smells of honey and wildflowers. Ashley has two lycan forms; a half and full shift. Her half shift consists of extra hair on her sideburns, glowing green eyes and enlarged fangs and claws. Her full form is a dark brown coloured wolf with a lighter underbelly.


Ashley grew up as a quiet child. She was left out of most activities her entire primary school life. Her father was in the police force, not many people knew about him being a lycan. Ashley never got to spend time with her father, her mother had left for a few years once Ash turned ten. After that her father started spending more time with her. After leaving the police force, Ashley's father took her out into the woods to teach her about her abilities. Her father was a quadruped lycan, her mother was a biped.
At the age of fourteen, Ashley had her first shift. Her father wasn't around at the time, he was called out by a friend. Ashley was in excruciating pain, she screamed over and over again until finally someone noticed. A women with shoulder length brown hair ran to her, telling her things that'll help ease the pain. Ashley later found out that, that was her mother. Just after her first shift, her father returned. He reunited with her mother, pulling both her and Ashley into a hug. Even though her first shift was just her biped shift, it still hurt her.
A year later, Ashley's friend dragged her to a party where she met Lucifer. Ashley took an immediate disliking to him, but her friend managed to tell her to try to be nice. She really did try, but she wanted to rip his head off.
Finally, she became friends with him. They knew everything about each other, and after a long wait they started dating. After a year of dating, Ashley received a letter from one of Lucifer's rival companies stating that she had to leave Lucifer or he would be killed. Ashley did the thing that she thought was right. She left. After years of being alone, Ash never slept with another person. Finally managing to track Lucifer down, Ashley found him in the city resulting a heartfelt reunion. They aren't dating, but they are...interacting with each other.

Ashley is fathered by Peter John Evans (Ian Bohen, Alive)

Ashley is mothered by Samantha Janet Evans (Jill Wagner, Alive)

Ashley's older brother is Jacob Anthony Evans (Tyler Posey, Alive)

Ashley's older sister is Samara Jane Evans(Kate Grigorieva, Alive)

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