Jacob Anthony Evans WIP

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Jacob Anthony Evans WIP

Post by Ashley on Tue Sep 15, 2015 7:38 am

Given Names; Jacob Anthony Evans.
Nicknames; Jac, Jakey.
Gender; Male.
Age; Forever 17 years old.
Species; Biped and Quadruped Lycan.
Face and Vocal claim; Tyler Posey.

When first meeting Jacob, he comes off as rude. He's used to the stares he gets from people and usually has a smirk on his face. Jacob is a lot like his sister, sarcastic and stubborn. Jacob's sense of humour is also like his sisters, and he will nearly always turn something sexual. Jacob is very protective of his family and friends, and will hurt anyone who tries to hurt them, he is also easy to anger.

In his younger years, Jacob was the typical nerd, glasses, pimples, etc. He was bullied for years until his first shift. After his first shift, he started to become more attractive, until finally he had girls swarming him. Jacob has shortish brunette hair and green eyes, he was told that he smelled of the forest. Like his sister, Jacob has two lycan shifts - Half and full shifts -. His wolf is a large red, grey, black and white. His half shift consists of glowing red eyes and extra hair on his sideburns and forehead, enlarge teeth and claws.


Jacob grew up differently to Ashley. He was outspoken, which usually got him in trouble. After a few months, he got into this nerd stage, soon starting to get bullied for his acne and glasses. When he turned thirteen, he experienced his first shift. After that, Jacob noticed that people started paying more attention for him, and the bullying suddenly stopped. Jacob soon realised that his looks where changing, his acne was clearing up and he didn't need glasses anymore. Jacob lost his virginity at the young age of fifteen, to a young blonde. After that, Jacob became a player, sleeping with a different girl every few days. Soon, he noticed that Ashley wasn't talking to him as much, she was hanging out with some Lucifer person, Jacob grew suspicious and decided to talk to Ashley about it. After confronting her, they started arguing, plates where getting thrown everywhere until Ashley threw the first punch. After minutes of rolling around on the ground punching eachother their father pulled Jacob away. After getting a lecture from his father, Jacob apologized to Ashley. Jacob was devastated when Ashley suddenly left, he didn't sleep or eat for weeks until his mother forced him to. When Ashley finally returned, Jacob pulled her into the biggest hug, soon enough they were back to their old ways.

Jacob is fathered by Peter John Evans (Ian Bohen, Alive)

Jacob if mothered by Samantha Janet Evans (Jill Wagner, Alive)

Jacob's twin sister is Ashley "Duivel" Marie Evans (Shelley Hennig, Alive)

Jacob's older sister isSamara Jane Evans(Kate Grigorieva, Alive)

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