Elijah Peters

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Elijah Peters

Post by Ayana on Wed Sep 16, 2015 2:07 pm

H u m a n  F o r m

Genitals of a Male
Turned at the age of 20 ( His physical age )
Was born human in the 1950's
Appearance of Evan Peters ( AHS Season 2 appearance)
Vocals of Evan Peters
Species: Werewolf
Sexual Orientation is bisexual
Has had relations with; Royan, Atticus, Erica, Ayana, Felin, Scarlett
In a relationship with -
Interested in - Scarlett
Has mixed feelings for Royan
Sanity: 78%
Injured ()
Ill ()

Theme song:

C h i l d H o o d

Elijah comes from a very rich family, he was spoiled rotten as a child since he was the only one, no siblings.
Of course life was perfect for the youngster, he had all the toys and cool games, his family would host the biggest and best parties. Which led to his young eyes to see stuff children aren't suppose too, heavy drug use and a lot of fights. Though Elijah was bullied at school because he wasn't the best looking and he was kind of dorky, and all the other kids were jealous because he had a rich family.

A d o l s c e n c e
Elijah got more popular in school, only because the teens understood he had a shitload of money, most of the time they would ask to hang out with Eli to see his stuff and most likely steal it afterwards. Realistically Eli had no friends and he knew it, which was why he became anti social and stayed up in his room most of the time. It wasn't until he had found his first love with a girl, Eli was 17 and she was 16. The two were amazing together. They were eachothers first. Elijah knew she was the one, because of their chemistry and how much they had in common, she was the only real friend in his life that didn't use him for his money.

It wasn't until the "disease" that spread across the world changed his life, a simple bite of a bat turned everyone into immortal pale blood thirsty demons, an experiment gone wrong on a wolf made the other half turn into over sized viscous animals. Radiation from a huge factory that exploded caused the others to gain powers that aren't humanly. It was all happening at the same time, it was like the world was ending, little did they know it was the government who had planned this to wipe out a whole population. Eli's soon to be wife was pregnant at the age of 18 in the mid 50's, sadly one of those blood thirsty demons had attacked her, killing the baby inside her womb as well. The "disease" had effected his parents too, but their bodies couldn't handle the change which led to them becoming extremely ill and dying, which happened to most of the population as well.

T h e  P r e s e n t

Elijah found a way to cope with his loss, and that was sex and drugs. It was an addiction and still is. He somehow managed to stay away from the disease for a bit until he got the flu, which led to him becoming extremely ill. It wasn't until Gryff had found him almost deceased and saved his life, by changing him into a werewolf.

Elijah became the alpha male of Blackfyre along with Gryff, leading just a small pack away from the hunters in the forest of New York for years, of course Elijah did not age his physical appearance. He decided it was time for a change, chopping off his long hair and dying it brown like when he was a boy again. Sex and drugs was his life, it wasnt until he had met Royan and Atticus that his whole reputation and life would change. He fell in love with Roy and came out as bisexual, as a boy he had always felt a certain way towards the male species but just never wanted to accept it. Drama and depression along with cheating filled his life for a year until a group of hunters invaded the territory and killed everyone, Gryff as well. Roy and Elijah had no choice but to run far away to a city called Lykaon, where it was filled with the Supernatural. He had a successful job as owning a strip club, along with running his own pack as Alpha male again. Vanguard has their own little territory at the end of the street. Hybrids were a new thing, couples of the different species had offspring, they were taking over most of the population now.

W o l f  F o r m
Appearance: Large bulky multi colored wolf,
~Look at charrie~

Theme song:


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