Romeo Vicenzo Rosella

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Romeo Vicenzo Rosella

Post by Sebastian on Sat Sep 19, 2015 4:45 am

"Alone I pray, for calmer seas."

Genitals of a male
Turned at the age of 21
Grew up during the late 1950's
Face Claim of Mariano Di Vaio
Species: Demon-Lycan hybrid.
Sexual Orientation is heterosexual
Has had relations with - Ayana, Aurora, Holland, and a bunch of other hoes.
In a relationship with - Nobody
Has mixed feelings for -  Nobody
Annoyed with - Nobody
Interested in - Everyone
Has feelings for - Nobody
Father to nobody

"All my friends are enemies."

Romeo's childhood wasn't that bad. He was happy and his father adored him, although his father was strict, he knew he was loved. When his sister was born, he grew jealous and disliked her. He wanted to be the star of the show, and he wanted all of the love. Romeo was a bit of a nerd. Baby-face, circular glasses and messy hair when he was a kid, and then stupid sunglasses, pimples and greasy emo hair when he was a teenager, until he turned thirteen, and his body endured dramatic changes. He was born very short, but then at around fourteen he grew up like a beanstalk, sprouting as tall as six feet and gaining an extra four inches when he was sixteen. When he was thirteen he started doing protective big brother things, made sure she didn't go out with shitheads, checked her homework when she did it, etc. He was looking out for her a little bit more, and he loved his little sister very much.  His father was hard on him, however. Get good grades, Don't hang out with the wrong crowd, etc. All of the energy that wasn't taken out of Aya was taken out on him. So he started to drink, and smoke and have sex like a hoodlum. He still got good grades but he was always tired and high, He never knew what he was doing. One night when he was seventeen he was drunk he got his hands on some shit and did some things with his sister that he wasn't proud of. It started off with touching, but then they both wanted more, so they made a deal and things got seriously freaky. When Romeo realised what he was doing, He shut himself off. He had a reaction, and  serious panic attacks the first few days. He ran away from home at the age of eighteen and went to college in London, Chicago and a bunch of places. He was just about to become a college professor when he died of a car crash, sending his soul to hell. He hated himself for what he did, and He endured the torture with honour. He met Aurora in hell, and he got them through it. Torture sucks, but there were good parts about hell. There weren't any goody-goodies, not EVERYONE tortured you, and a lot of crazy shit went down, like a super kinky and violent party. Pleasure is sometimes sin too, so some of the greatest party animals were down there. When he came back, he was then bitten by a lycan. He loves his Lycan powers, and he's quadrupedal and bipedal. Ever since he came back he's gotten his life together, with multiple jobs such as modelling and teaching. He used to model really well when he came back, but now he's done with that and getting into his smarter side, because Romeo is an intelligent guy. He's currently a high school professor, but when he's a lil short on cash he's a thief. He robs banks for a living, but he isn't an idiot about it. No, he plans heists and doesn't tell anyone, and he uses his powers. He's become invisible, and whenever someone opens the vault he knocks them out and steals all of the keys to the vaults, and pretty much robs everything and leaves like a fuckin Ninja.

Romeo is a very sad guy. He gets very nervous and shy when strangers talk to him, and it's always been this way. He can be very quiet and doesn't talk much, but when he gathers the courage to talk to people he's very charming and sweet, but usually he keeps his trap shut. He loathes himself and his past for what he's done, and he regrets pretty much everything he's done ever. When it comes to teaching he doesn't talk about his life, he's very mysterious and usually gets down to the lesson. He's also like this out of his job, very dark and secretive. He does like to party, but usually on a school night he's staying in and grading papers, etc. He enjoys sex but only lets people he really, really trust do it with him, unless he's really drunk and just wants a careless fling. Romeo can be a total badass and lets that side of him slip very easily sometimes, and he's willing to die for his loved ones and willing to die to save others. He can be very romantic and enjoys to take things slow, because he doesn't like to speed things up, it makes him feel rushed and unwanted. He isn't a pussy, and he isn't afraid to kill or hurt anyone that hurt him or others he loves, and sometimes he goes crazy when it comes to beating shit up. He won't stop. Romeo isn't a creep, so don't treat him as one just because you know his past. He's just made some mistakes. Romeo can be a total jokester, making shakespeare and star-wars jokes a lot and if he finds humour in his past, game of thrones jokes.


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