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Samara Evans

Post by Ashley on Mon Sep 21, 2015 6:43 am

Given Names; Samara Jane Evans
Age ; Turned at 20 years old
Grew up in the 60s
Genitals ; Female
Face Claim ; Kate Grigorieva
Species ; Angel/Demon/Lycan hybrid
Sexual Orientation ; Heterosexual
Has had relations with - Ben, Jack, and a few other guys.
In a relationship with - Nobody
Has mixed feelings for -  Nobody
Annoyed with - Nobody
Interested in - Everyone
Has feelings for - Nobody
Mother to nobody


Personality is a WORK IN PROGRESS

First Demon Form - Sam's first demon form has the form of a black and white wolf with a long tail and glowing yellow eyes. If you look into this form's eyes, it will paralyse you for a few minutes. This form's tail is it's favourite weapon, it can harden itself to be used like a whip. It stands 10ft tall.

Second Demon Form - Sam's second form stands 19ft tall, with a long whip like tail and five meter long talons on each paw. This beast uses your worst fears against you, if it manages to get is tail around you it will play with your mind. Making your greatest fears come to life.

Final Demon Form - Sam's final form stands at a towering 30ft tall with four horns adorning it's head. This beast can become a thick black fog which can suffocate its victim.

Angel/Demon Form - The wings on this form are white at the base and fade into black.

Quad Lycan Form

Biped Lycan Form (But she has blue eyes instead)

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