Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post by Sebastian on Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:01 am

Here are the basic rules and guidelines that you must follow.

Rule Number One: There cannot be two people in the group with the same face claims. If someone has a face claim you really like, just look for someone similar. You like Hayden Christensen but he's taken? Go check out Benjamin Eidem. You like Colton Haynes but he's taken? Go see Arran Sly, or whatever.
Rule Number Two: Refrain from being an asshole. If someone pisses you off, deal with them privately AWAY FROM THE DAMN GROUP CHAT. We can't stress this enough. I hate it when trusted members get into an argument and then people have to pick sides and then the whole damn group gets involved into some bullshit war.
Rule Number Three. You can have as many characters as you want, but please be active on all of them. Don't start a relationship and then go on a different character for months and leave that partner in the dust, etc. Not only must you be active on all of your characters, but in general. PLEASE at least check on once a week or even once a day for five minutes. We want this group to stay A C T I V E. If you really CAN'T get on, announce it on the forum that you're going through some activity issues and need a break. Don't just leave us.
Rule Number Four: Please don't be sensitive. I mean, if something bothers you just turn off group chat until we're done talking about it. In this group people are allowed to talk about whatever the fuck they want, and I cannot stop members from communicating. The members in this group are very reliable and understanding people, They wouldn't talk about something that is wrong unless they're against it.
Rule Number Five: No fucking slut-shaming, racism, gender inequality, homophobia, or anything among those lines. I swear anyone who fucking does this gets kicked without any warning. How dare you tell anyone what they can and cannot do? There is N O T H I N G wrong with Sluts, Women, Men, Multiple Races, Homosexuals/Transexuals, etc. EVERYONE in this group is equal. EQUAL. I'm not hearing any of that inequality bullshit. Don't even get me started.
Rule Number Six This rp is very, very raw. Sex, Drugs, Drinking, all of it. If you can handle it, awesome. If you can't, sorry bro. Keep in mind most of the characters in this rp are over or at eighteen, and the majority of them WOULD be finding themselves and exploring a darker side. It's just realistic. I'm eighteen and I know quite a few 18+ year olds, so I would know. Not to mention the people playing those characters are at least teenagers. I would suggest being at least 14+ to join this roleplay. But if you're fuckin sixteen and you're uncomfortable with having a few sips of alcohol, that's just sad.

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