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Ryan Drake Sauveterre

Post by Royan on Tue Sep 22, 2015 6:34 am

Ryan Sauveterre

"C'est La Vie"

(NOTE: If the pictures are too big and out of view, open them in a new tab to see the full visual.)

Basic Information
Ryan Hedlund
Aged 23
FC is Garrett Hedlund
Vocals of Garrett Hedlund
Sexual Orientation, Confused
Has had relations with -
In a relationship with -
Is Crushing on -
Has mixed feelings for -
Sanity 50%

Demon Powers;

Amalgamation: The Ability to fuse two objects together no matter what they are. So he could fuse himself with a gun and his chest could become the gun.

Omnilingualism: The Ability to the speak and understand any language fluently.

Theme Songs;


(Full Form)


(Second Form)

(Final Form)


Ryan was always a special child. He had Autism since he was born. He was also deaf. He knows sign language. He was always cast out by his so called friends and ate alone at family events. The 1800's were horrible for kids his ages. Ryan's childhood was filled with torment from other kids because he couldn't speak but he could read and write and do simple math problems by the age of 4. He was different.

Ryan's first year of the teen age were the normal teasing bullying beat ups. His family moved form America to France. It was a big move. They got to into France easily. Once Ryan turned 15 he called a crossroads demon, he made a deal with him so Ryan could have hearing back, and the demon took his soul, Ryan had no clue that the demon had another trick up his sleeve. As late that night on a carriage ride with the whole family the carriage tipped, they all fell into the forest which was very rocky, everyone died and Ryan was the only one who descended to hell. Ryan came back years later, in the 21st century. He was happy. He still had autism but he could hear and could speak french, his English horrible. He spent his years trying to fit in. He had no idea about his demon powers until one night he got into a fight the fucker bit him, that guy who bit him was a Groi. Ryan still doesn't understand his Groiness, he doesn't even know what it was. And Ryan found out his father was a phoenix, which mean he was one. Which was awesome. Ryan was soon found on the street and placed with a Foster home, not expecting his 'dead' mother to be his foster mother. He loved it. She was a vampire. Then she got touchy with him, made him do stuff with her, he didn't like it, it was rape, but he'd pretend to enjoy it. She made him feel good. He liked the pleasure but soon hated his mother.

Ryan hated his mother he was 23 she didn't let him leave. He hated it, he hated her. He packed his stuff and ran away. He ended up in Ensley, still not knowing he was a Groi, his phoenix and demon powers prominent but not obvious, no one knows what he is but they know he's something. He met Ayana and became friends with her, he didn't like Garrett as much. He likes a lot of people and doesn't know what to do with his life. He is just an Autistic man with no real life. He needed to try and heal autism. Then maybe he could talk normally. Or get a girlfriend, he would never get a girlfriend. They liked his looks hated his handicap. Ryan was going through a rough patch in his adult hood, especially since, he doesn't like sex because of his mother.

Recent Event;
Ryan is just trying to get to know people, help Aya and Garrett with whatever they've got going and be a nice guy. Also find out what he is and control it.

"The world is a filthy place. It's a filthy goddamn horror show. There's just so much pain, y'know?"

"You've Seen my Descent, Now Watch my Rising."

"We're All Going to Hell, Might Aswell Enjoy the Rid."

"Never Say Goodbye, Because Goodbye Means Going Away and Going Away Means Forgetting."

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