Tessa 'Rogue' Grayson-Castner

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Tessa 'Rogue' Grayson-Castner

Post by Royan on Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:25 am

Tessa 'Rogue' Grayson-Castner

"Open Wound"

(Note: If Pictures are too big, open in a new tab for full visual)

~Basic Information~
Nicknames: Tess, Rogue or Cas
Genitals of Female
Is at 18 looks 16 (Shes around Garrett's Age 5 years younger if you take into account what era they were born in)
She is a Vampire/Kitsune
Appearance of Kaya Scodelario
Vocals of Kaya Scodelario
Sexual Orientation Hetero (So you think)
Has had Relations with No One
In no Relationship
Has her eyes on -
Crushing on -
Regrets actions with no one
55% Sane

Vampire Form;

Vampire Powers;
High Physical Attraction. (Such as Heidi from Twilight)
Beauty. Incredible Beauty Surpassing all Vampires.
Can sense the birth of Supernaturals.
Can tell what special powers someone has.
Can tell the difference between a regular supernatural and a rare supernatural/different supernatural.
Extremely gifted with technology.

Tessa is more of a hands on person. Trained by an organisation to kill both humans and supernatural. She has special weapons etc and is very flexible. She was trained in many fighting styles. Too many to count. Trained with many weapons. And likes to create things with her own hands.

Kitsune Form; (More what she looks life if you use wolf eyes or something)


Gun and knives. (Upgraded and Modern now)

Her Special Sword

Her special knife

Her Sickles

Her Cross Bow

Her Bow and Arrow

Plus more unimportant ones. She made the majority of these or bought them off the black market.

Theme Songs;

Tessa was born by a strange woman. She never knew her father, who just so happens to be Garrett's father he was always such a whore man. Tessa didn't have a very special child hood until she was shocked by a lightbulb and nothing happened. She just felt younger. Thats when her mother told her that she was a Kitsune, Tessa a Thunder Kitsune and her mother a Fire Kitsune. Her mother was over 1000 years old and ever had a child until now. Tessa. Who is now a kitsune. When she was 16 Tessa was going to lose her virginity. She met this guy online and they met up in his van. She thought it was going to be awesome. They began to make out when the man bit her neck and she was in complete euphoria, a vampires bite. He sucked at her blood as he slowly raped her. Thought she wanted it, rape was the only thing you could call it since she didn't know what was happening, and it's what the police charged him for. After becoming a vampire she got into drugs, sex, stripping and prostitution, only to be found by an organisation that wanted her. They took her by force cleaned up her act and trained her to become a killer.

Unlike her half brother Garrett who was dead and she didn't know, Tessa had a boring life inbetween. At the moment Tessa is continuing her training to become a trained killer. She has found her way into Ensley. She has heard of many supernaturals here. She bought a house, she ventures into Blackfyre forest. She keeps herself well hidden. The assassins she works for catered a ring for her which is bother a weapon and a ring to keep her safe from the sun. She is well equipped. Little did she know her dead half brother was alive and living in this town. Chaos shall ensue.

Recent Events;

"We Work in the Dark to Serve the Light, Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted."

"You Got to Learn Not to Trust the Fox, They're Tricksters."

"I Have Died, Everyday, Waiting for You..."

"The Other Day I Met This Many A Nice Guy, You know? And We Had a Really Good Chat, Then I Slit His Throat and Ripped His Heart Out Through His Chest...Does That Make Me a Bad Person?"



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