Floyd Maxwell Winters

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Floyd Maxwell Winters

Post by Sebastian on Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:28 pm

Full Name: Floyd Maxwell Winters
Nicknames: Pretty Boy Floyd
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Vampire-Lycan-Demon
Face Claim: Lance Gross

Floyd is a very mysterious young man. He's a badass and doesn't give a shit about anything except maybe Ayana, and he only talks about his feelings with the people he really loves. He doesn't talk that much unless it's a threat and he's usually very intimidating, he doesn't know how to talk about his feelings properly. He's adorable because once you're actually in his friend zone you can see how much of a lover he really is compared to what other people see. He has a drug and alcohol problem but he's more friendly when he's drunk then when he is any other time, unless you're close with him then he's sweet all the time. He's fearless and will die for his beloved, and he'll blame himself if they were hurt, even if it wasn't his fault. Despite being so courageous Floyd does have his problems. He gets nervous and anxious sometimes, and moments where he just needs to be up by himself. He's loyal to those he loves but good luck getting him to do what you say, he's a stubborn ol' guy and he only trusts few people. When he's in love, he treats you like a queen.

Floyd never came from a good home. His mother was a drug addict and his father was never around, so he usually strayed away from his house. He was a charming little kid and everyone in the rough-n-tough neighbourhood loved him, he would always go outside in the streets and play with the other kids, and when he was tired he'd stay somewhere else, avoiding home at all costs. Other than that his childhood was fine, he had an interest in karate and took lessons, eventually becoming amazing at it. He was the toughest boy in school and everyone feared or loved him, though with problems such as racism, he still had the occasional asshole. He met Caleb in school and whenever Caleb got bullied, Floyd was always there to knock the bullies in the teeth. He loved Caleb and they were best friends, Caleb loved someone to depend on and Floyd loved someone who could depend on him. They got through adolescence together, Floyd enjoyed Caleb's affection, and Caleb enjoyed Floyd's dominance. Despite Floyd being so gruff, he was never aggressive to Caleb. He couldn't bring himself to be mad at that lil guy. Sure they've had a few disagreements but they were always dismissed as petty arguments and the duo would go right back to being friends. Floyd got through middle school easily, he was a smart kid but hated school, so he usually was the class clown or beat up the douchebag kids, and he never really paid attention. You're not smart if you can just throw up what they give you, no. You're a downright genius if you can think for yourself, and that's what Floyd can do. He grew up in a different time from now, and he pretty much pretended he was an idiot because that was the cool thing. He didn't care about much until he met Ayana. She was the first girl he actually really cared for, he loved her dependence and he loved her independence. She was so sweet to him, especially considering how rough those times really were for people his race. She was the only girl he actually showed his feelings and emotions to. His mind was like a private journal, and he didn't just let any person see it. Floyd was always a hoodlum and he never treated any authority with respect, and he loved how Ayana was also into that shit. They fell in love, and although both Floyd and Ayana were horrible at committed relationships, they tried and tried. He wanted to marry her, and he actually proposed when he was nineteen. She refused, because she couldn't trust herself to stay committed and Floyd understood. The night of the big battle in Greenwich, Floyd was arrested. He got caught with his gang and he killed a cop by accident, and he was brought into custody. He was beaten to death by the prison guards the night Ayana died as well, and he went down to hell. When he came back, he took the easiest way possible to earn money. He became a male prostitute but he would also strip, even being the star in a few adult movies. He's done with that and now he's searching for his love. He doesn't care if she's aged, he still loves her and he always will.

Fighting Theme: Rooster - Alice in Chains
Sex Theme: Sweet Love - 112(AyanaxFloyd)
Love Theme: Cupid - 112(AyanaxFloyd)
Sad Theme: Depends on the situation.

Floyd's eskimo puppy Bella and his french bulldog Laurent.

Floyd has a 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder, it's a long story how he got it.


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