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Ayana Rosella

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H u m a n  F o r m

Full Name: Ayana Rosella
Nickname(s): Aya
Genitals of a Female
Turned at the age of 19
Was born human in the 1950's
Appearance of Giorgia Rosella
Vocals of Giorgia Rosella (English accent comes and goes, she controls it)
Species: Demon Werewolf hybrid
Sanity: 23%
Injured ()
Ill ()
Mother to Rosalynn and Oliver(deceased)
Pregnant ()
Theme song(s):


Ayana was born in the mid 1950's, raised in the common suburban town of Greenwich. She went to school, got good grades, hung out with friends.. Aya was a bit of a geek, just a normal life of a child. Though once the "disease" struck hell broke loose and everyone was dying or turning. Her parents became successful hunters, back when hunting was by the government and not just for fun. So of course Aya managed to stay away from that.


It wasn't until Ayana became a teenager is when she started sinning, her parents were very strict Christians and everything she did was a sin to them. She became a model, modeling for playboy and porn magazines. Aya was a nymphet, an attractive and sexually mature young girl, loosing her virginity at the age of 14 with an older man, she never dated boys her age, always older. Aya was a sinner, doing heavy drugs, she was a leader of a Greaser girl gang, she beat up the innocent and terrorized the city.. her parents tried to send her to boarding school but she threatened to harm herself. It wasn't until Greenwich went into a huge war between the Soc's and Greasers heavy weapons were involved and a ton of people were killed that night. Aya was leading it along with the other leaders which meant the remaining Soc's planned to take her down. She was jumped in an alley way, raped and beaten senseless by a bunch of Soc men until she was brutally murdered.. they couldn't put her body in a casket because it was badly slaughtered. They had a funeral.. Greenwich was never the same after that night since a ton of innocent souls died, her parents were done for. Ayana's father was a Don of an Italian Mafia, since she didn't have any brothers, the plan was for her to take over though that wasn't happening anymore..her parents became depressed and mourned her every single day.

Aya went down under, hell for 30 years.. torturing the souls of the sinners along with getting tortured herself...30 years later she was back on Earth, a demon disguised as her old self, she could've pick any soul to come back as but she picked herself. First few months on Earth she was a beast, killing innocents,scaring people for no reason and terrorizing the city. Though since she stayed in her old skin for years her old self began to grow on her, she was becoming soft..


Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Good at sex? Of course
In a relationship with: Floyd
Has had sexual relations with: Royan, Garrett, Ryan, Charlie, Amelia, Romeo, Scarlett, Floyd
Has mixed feelings for: Garret, Royan, Charlie
Dislikes: Adalina
Sexually Attracted to: Floyd
Pregnant: (x)

Gifs, Pictures and Aya's belongings


W O L F  F O R M

Bipedal Form

Quadrupedal Form

(Black one)



Her Family
Her parents are important of course, they created Ayana.
Her father (Appearance of Al Pacino) Who is now deceased.

Her mother (Appearance of Demi Moore)
Who is also deceased as well.

Her Children

Her first born, Rose

Her second born Oliver, though he goes by the name Colin now
She thought he was deceased

Her third born Deon
(Not born yet)


Aya's belongings

Her Bugatti

Her Savannah cat Bambu
A level 2 Savannah, fairly larger then regular domestic cats
More "wild" as well because of his level, he usually wonders the forest most of the time.


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