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Brooklyn Ashcroft [WIP]

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Full Name : Brooklyn Vanessa Ashcroft
Pronounced : Brook-Lin Van-ess-a Ash-croft
Alias : Brook, B,Lyn
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: May 18th
Zodiac : Taurus ♉
Origin : United Kingdom, Liverpool
Religion : Athiest


School : Liverpool High School
Major : English Literature
Minor : Photography, Art

Attendance : In most days, occasional lesson skip.
Achieved Grades : C'S, B'S, A'S
Past School Reputation : Known to have been a hard worker, though lacked concentration.

Family & Other Relations

Mother : Grace Ashcroft
(39, Alive, UK, Nurse, Local hospital)
Father : Jacob Ashcroft
(41, Alive, UK,Manager of local car retailer, Mercedes ).
Siblings : Leo Ashcroft
(22, Alive, Older Brother)

Aunts : Victoria Ashcroft (35-f), Michelle Adams (39-m), Vanessa Manson (37-m)
Uncles : Joshua Adams (42), Daniel Ashcroft (26-f), Jack Manson (39).
Cousins :
James  (15), Wisteria (20) --- Michelle x Joshua (living in UK with parents)
Phalan (5), Macauley (16), Blake (7) --- Vanessa x Jack (living in UK with parents)
Grandparents :
Christopher Ashcroft x Kloe Ashcroft (father's side, both alive, living in UK; 60's)
John Cartwright x Analise Cartwright (mother's side, both alive; UK; 70's)
God Children : none.

Pets : --


Knows : --
Friends : --
Trusts : --
Bestfriends : --
Wary : --
Dislikes : --
Loathes : ---
Fought : ---

Friend Group(s) : ---

Lust life

Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual
Preferences : Males.

Intrigued by: ---
Enjoys attention from : ---
Feelings for : ---
Sleeping with : ---

In a relationship with : none.
Children : none.

Sex Preference : Flings, Experimental, one-night-stands.
Sexual Encounter :
• Many with past boyfriends.

Turn ons:
• Athletic
• Similar Interests
• Any cologne
• Humorous
• Open / Honest / Loyal
• Older guys
• Tattoos
• Muscular frame
• Talkative
• 'Quiffed' hair styles

Turns offs:
Bad breath •
Unhygienic •
Over-Dramatic •
Cheaters •
Argumentative •
Lazy •
Snobby •
Pushy guys •
Negativity •
Desperate boys •


Past Relationships : x3
Rowan Robinson :UK,  First relationship at 15. Broke up on bad terms, lost virginity to, he hit her; 1 year relationship. (15-16)

Heartbroken by : Rowan
Slept with : Rowan


Part-time Job : --
Previous jobs : • Working in local garage (16).
Future Career(s) : Model, Mechanic, Street Artist

Talents / Hobbies / Skills In
Modelling, Working with cars, Drawing, Painting, BMX, Skateboarding, Spray-painting, Cooking, Decorating, Music, Soccer, Rugby, Athletics, Gymnastics, Ballet, Dancing, Drumming, surfing.

Lacks Skills In
• Cricket, Paying attention, Chemistry, Building, coming up with ideas, Tennis, Sitting still, controlling temper,

Strength - 55%
Speed - 60%
Fighting - 60%
Swimming - 55%
Stamina - 65%
Climbing - 65%
Balance - 50%
Intelligence - 65%
Dominance - 45%
Sympathy - 50%
Temper - 50%

Being at parties, Clubbing, Walks along the beach, being outside, animals, modelling, meeting new people, cars, car races, sports, running, climbing, cooking, painting, drawing, gymnastcs, dancing, talking to people.
Foods : Fruit, Salad, Pizza, Cookies,
Beverages : Energy drinks, Juice, Jack daniels, tea, coffee,
Places :Bars, Clubs, beach, outside, garages
Hobbies : Soccer, modelling, drawing, gymnastics

Classical music, boring people, dark allies, being stuck inside, being alone, lazy people, desperation, smart-asses, forceful people.
Foods : Sushi,
Beverages : Lemon tea,
Places : Dark allies
Doings : --

Appearance & Characteristics

Face claim : Taylor Marie Hill (Model)

Height : 5'6
Weight : 123lb
Shoe Size : 6
Body Type: Slim
Skin Tone : Lightly tanned
Eyes : Blue
Hair : Brown
Hair Style : Thick, Straight, wavy
Voice : Abbey Clancy
Singing Style : tba

Distinctive Features:
• Defined features.
• Eyes.
• Plump lips.
• Body shape.
• Nose.
• Eyebrows.

• Four Ear lobe studs.
• Belly button
• Hips.

Tattoos: --

• Stable, average through parents.
• Looking for part-time job.

Clothing Style:
• Casual.
• Short shorts.
• Cropped tops.
• Swim wear.
• Converse'.

• iPhone 6 (white)
• Backpack
• Skateboard

Extra Information
• Drinker? : Only at Paries.
• Smoker? : Sometimes.
• Drugs? : Weed and cocaine.
• Sex? : Selective.
• Virginity : Lost.

Drink Addiction
Brooklyn will only drink at parties, or on special occasions. She has never really been a big drinker, though when she does, she'll most probably get smashed off of her head. Brook started drinking when she was 16, as a result of peer pressure from her previous friends.

Smoking Addiction:
Smoking isn't something that Brooklyn is at all addicted to, though, she does enjoy the occasional cig/joint, whenever she can. She rarely smokes tobacco, but she will if she has nothing else to smoke. Brooklyn began smoking as a way to solve her problems, to forget about them. The reason being, that Liam, her last boyfriend, had hit her whenever she did something wrong, or made eye contact with other men.

Drug Addiction:
Brook has only ever tried two drugs; weed and cocaine. She first tried these when she was 15, and since then, has began smoking/snorting them. Brooklyn does enjoy them, though.

Sex is something that, like most people, Brooklyn enjoys. She's not the type of person to sleep around, though, it depends on her mood. However, she's most likely to have it with her partner/fiance, or a fling.

Brooklyn lost her virginity at the age of 16, during her relationship with Rowan. They were both extremely awkward, but soon eased up.

Criminal Record
• Caught with cocaine; fined £500


* Depend on situation

Good: Polite, Interested, Humorous, Patient, Reliable, Persistant, Determined, Placid, Caring, Helpful, Talkative, Sociable.
Neutral: Warm-hearted, Loving, Loyal, Flirtatious
Bad :Protective, Possessive, Snappy, Sarcastic, Hot-headed, Resentful,
Private : Sensitive, Self-conscious, Affectionate, Passionate.


Brooklyn's attitude depends on who the person is to her, or the situation they are in. Towards strangers, most of the time, Brooklyn is rather polite, respectful, and helpful. She'll listen to whatever they have to say, and answer any questions that may have been asked. However, if something has happened, which has angered, or upset, Brooklyn, then she will just snap. Throughout her life, Brook has had anger issues, which have always been a problem with people, like if they were joking around, she'd most probably take it seriously. Though, now, she'll quite happily take a joke, unless it's offending her, or anyone she's close to. When Brook eventually makes friends, she'll open up ever so slightly, basically just explaining some things about her past. She'll be rather caring, protective, and loyal, and will do whatever she can to make the certain person/people happy.

Towards her crush or interest, Brooklyn can easily go shy, though most of the time, she's herself. She'll easily get jealous if the person is seen talking, or hanging out with another person, but, she wont do anything about it. She'll buy them things, and treat them occasionally, whenever she has enough money to do so. With her partner, Brooklyn is completely open, and loyal, she wont even think twice about cheating on them, and she'll hope they'd do the same. Brook will be a lot more sensitive around the person, she could easily get upset by anything said, or done. Brooklyn will be rather possessive, and protective, as she wont want to lose the certain person. She'll let her private traits show, and will become affectionate and romantic, most of the time.

Brook is known to make enemies, and she'll make them pretty easily. Her attitude is completely different around them, and she'll let her negative traits show. She'll be a complete bitch towards the person and or people, snapping at them for no reason, or just hitting them. As a result of her anger issues, the person will only have to insult her once for Brook to either snap, or lash out.


Chapter 1: Childhood (birth - 13)
• Brooklyn was born in Liverpool to the British couple: Grace and Jacob Ashcroft. She was soon to meet her older brother, Leo.
• Up until the age of three, her days consisted of: Playing with Leo, Baking with her mum, learning to walk/talk. Brook also attended work with her father on some days, whenever possible.
• Throughout her life, Brooklyn has had a strong bond with Leo, and she'd learn a lot from him, as well as bad things: Trashing places, drawing along walls, etc. It was pretty hard to separate the pair, and when attempted to, would lead to tantrums.
• At the age of four, Brooklyn attended primary school where she learned to read, write, and to talk in groups, as well as work in them.
• Her mother then began attending work again, working as a nurse in the local hospital, though, she was home for when both of the kids got home from school.
• Brooklyn had managed to earn a few friends at the start of primary school, whom she had a close bond with since the start.
• Coming to an end of her primary school years, Brook had earned rather high grades, which was a shock to both her, and her family.
• Her parents had a tendency to argue, which stressed both Brooklyn out, and her brother. This then resulted in Brook developing anger issues.

Chapter 2: Teenage Years (13-16)
• Once in high-school, Brooklyn's attitude had changed, as a result of her parents arguing constantly. Her anger issues increased to the point where if someone said something to offend her, she'd snap.
• At the age of 15, Brook had managed to get herself a boyfriend, Liam, whom she loved a lot, and had been crushing on him since she started the school.
• A year into the relationship, Brooklyn had lost her virginity to Liam, which she now highly regrets.
• Their relationship lasted a year, until Brooklyn ended it as he began hitting her whenever she made eye contact with another man, thus, the reason why she will hardly ever make eye contact with boys.
• Brook had kept the same friends that she made in primary school, and they occasionally went out on weekends and got into trouble, attended parties, etc.

Chapter 3: Living In America
To be done (filled in throughout roleplay)


Severity - ●●●●●
Ever since her breakup with Liam, Brooklyn has had mild depression. She used to do self harm, but, after getting help, has stopped, though the scars remain clear on her wrists.


The dark: Ever since Brooklyn was a child, she has always had a huge fear of the dark, though, over the years it has decreased, but she still hates being in dark areas; allies, streets etc.


• Brooklyn has a strong scouse accent
• Looking for a job
• Grew up in Liverpool.

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