Scarlett 'Shriek' Derrickson

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Scarlett 'Shriek' Derrickson

Post by Royan on Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:53 am

Scarlett Derrickson

"Sorry Brother"

~Basic Information~
Nicknames: Scar, Shriek
Genitals of Female
Is at 19 years of age.
She is a Witch/Banshee/Lycan
Appearance of Cara Delevingne
Vocals of Cara Delevingne
Sexual Orientation Bi-Curious
Has had Relations with Ayana and Elijah
In no Relationship
Has her eyes on Elijah
Crushing on Elijah
Regrets actions with no one
10% Sane (Around randoms around her friends shes very sane)

She is a supreme witch, knows every spell and talent there is plus some that normal witches can't do. Shes stronger then other witches. Lets not forget her Banshee powers though.


Bastard Sword like Charlie's. (Needs to teach Charlie how to fight with it)

Set of Knives



Theme Song(s);

Scarlett was born to a strange family, he father studied magic her mother was a banshee. She learned to live with it. She showed no signs of having either powers when she was young but when she hit her teens her powers awakened, and she was all over it. But it came with grave consequences. She began to study dark magic, and because she did her father was exiled and killed for letting his apprentice study such dark magic. As Scarlett grew up she continued to study magic and used it a lot to get out of situations. She was using it for the wrong reasons. When Scar had finished schooling her mother had died in a car crash, Scar was alone. She had no idea where she was going with her life. Until her friend took interest in magic. Scar taught her everything she knew, but it got her friend killed. Her friend used black magic to kill her very rich family so she could get the heirlooms. Scar had to take her out. Scarlett ran away once killing her best friend. She couldn't live in London anymore. She took a plane to America. Upon arrival she started to concentrate on hr banshee powers and began getting weapons. She head of diseases here and werewolves. She needed to protect herself. In the first couple weeks of being their a new infection spread killing the humans and making them come back. Scar found a group of survivors. She met Roy, after the infection got to their camp Roy and Scar ran away together, soon the split up. Roy with one of Scars special knives as remembrance.

Scarlett found a group, she met Fletcher he was such a nice boy, she grew a small crush on him. But since he went out with Rose, she realised that being single was fine. She met Roy again. It was his group, his family. Scarlett's banshee powers became stronger as she met them and she was able to use them easily. Many things have happened to Scarlett, she became a supreme witch, she can perform the 7 wonders with such ease. She has met someone, Elijah. She has fallen in love. She wants Elijah, she needs him, Scarlett now goes by the name of 'Shriek'.

Recent Events;
Scarlett has been bitten, she is now a lycan.

"The Devil is Real, But he isn't a little red man with horns and a tail.
He can be beautiful, because he's a fallen angel and used to be gods favourite."

"But I didn't want a Boyfriend, I want a Distraction"

"I know it wasn't real, I know it was all in my head.
But that's the problem, he's still here."


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