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Dakota Hayes

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Full Name : Dakota Rose Hayes
Pronounced : Da-coat-a Ro-ws Hay-z
Alias : Kota, Da
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: July 26th
Zodiac : Leo ♌
Origin : United Kingdom, Liverpool
Religion : Athiest

University Life

School : Oxford University
Course : Veterinary Science
Major : Photography, English Language
Minor : Sports, Art

Attendance : In everyday
Achieved Grades : B's, A's A*'s
Past School Reputation : Hard worker, occasional talking issue.

Family & Other Relations

Mother : Vanessa Hayes
(37, Alive, UK, Nurse, Local hospital)
Father : Beck Hayes
(41, Alive, UK,Army, Different places ).
Siblings : Chase Hayes
(21, Alive, Older Brother)

Aunts : Sophia Hayes (33-f), Olivia Brooks (37-m), Emma Hayes (34-f), Jessica Robinson (35)
Uncles : Oliver Brooks (40), Michael Hayes (26-f), Asher Robinson (39-m).
Cousins :
Levi (18), Lilly (13) --- Oliver Brooks x Olivia Brooks (living in UK with parents)
Kai (16), Leo (14), Alice (7) --- Asher Robinson x Jessica Robinson (living in UK with parents)
Grandparents :
James Hayes x Eleanor Hayes (father's side, both alive, living in UK; 60's)
Alexander Robinson x Grace Robinson (mother's side, both alive; UK; 70's)
God Children : none.

Pets : --


Knows : --
Friends : --
Trusts :
Bestfriends :
Wary : --
Dislikes : --
Loathes : ---
Fought : ---

Friend Group(s) : ---

Lust life

Sexual Orientation :
Preferences : Males.

Intrigued by: ---
Enjoys attention from : ---
Feelings for : ---
Sleeping with : ---

In a relationship with : none.
Children : none.

Sex Preference : Flings, Experimental, one-night-stands.
Sexual Encounter :
• Many with past boyfriends.

Turn ons:
• Athletic
• Similar Interests
• Any cologne
• Polite
• Open / Honest / Loyal
• Intelligent
• Muscular frame
• Talkative
• 'Quiffed' hair styles

Turns offs:
Bad breath •
Unhygienic •
Desperate  •
Cheaters •
Argumentative •
Lazy •
Snobby •
Touchy guys •
Negativity •
Rude •


Past Relationships :
Macauley Gray :UK,  First relationship at 14. Broke up on neutral terms, he moved schools; 2 year relationship. (14-16)
Joseph Adams : UK, Ended on bad terms, he cheated on her, lost virginity to; 2 year relationship. (16-18)

Heartbroken by :
Joseph Adams
Slept with : Joseph Adams


Part-time Job : --
Previous jobs : • Working at a veterinary clinic, part time  (16).
      • Working as a model (16-18)
Future Career(s) : Model, Veterinary nurse, Veterinary Surgeon

Talents / Hobbies / Skills In
Modelling, working with animals, cleaning, painting, decorating, talking to Zara, being outside, going to the beach, swimming, surfing, skateboarding, BMX, Soccer, singing, dancing.

Lacks Skills In
• Staring conversations, shutting up, cricket, baseball, basketball, cooking, common sense, rugby, tennis, golf

Strength - 50%
Speed - 60%
Fighting - 55%
Swimming - 65%
Stamina - 65%
Climbing - 55%
Balance - 60%
Intelligence - 65%
Dominance - 35%
Sympathy - 60%
Temper - 50%

Partying, Dancing, Singing, Working with animals, Surfing, Rock music, grunge, vintage, cars, car racing, being around Zara, shopping, being outside, being at the beach, swimming, playing soccer, skateboaring, Photography, drawing, decorating, painting, sex
Foods : Fruit, Salad, Nutella, Cookies, Cupcakes, Pizza
Beverages : Energy drinks, Juice, Jack daniels, tea, coffee,
Places : Bars, Clubs, beach, outside, around animals.
Hobbies : Soccer, modelling, singing, dancing, surfing

Classical music, kiss ups, car crashes, being alone, getting ditched, boring people, stuck-ups, snobs, slobs, unhygienic
Foods : Sushi,
Beverages : Lemon tea, Herbal tea, Cider
Places : Dark allies
Doings : --

Appearance & Characteristics

Face claim : Alexis Ren (Model)

Height : 5'4
Weight : 119lb
Shoe Size : 5
Body Type: Slim
Skin Tone : Lightly tanned
Eyes : Brown
Hair : Blonde
Hair Style : Thick, Straight, wavy
Voice : tba
Singing Style : --

Distinctive Features:
• Defined features.
• Eyes.
• Plump lips.
• Body shape.
• Nose.
• Defined Cheekbones.

• Four Ear lobe studs.
• Belly button
• Nostril.

Tattoos: --

• Old self harm scars.
• Iron burn on elbow

• Stable, average through parents.
• Looking for part-time job.

Clothing Style:
• Casual.
• Short shorts.
• Cropped tops.
• Swim wear.
• Converse.
• Grunge/Hipster

• iPhone 6 (white)
• Backpack
• Skateboard

Extra Information
• Drinker? : Occasionally.
• Smoker? : Sometimes.
• Drugs? : Weed and cocaine.
• Sex? : Selective.
• Virginity : Lost.

Drink Addiction
Dakota only drinks either on special occasions, or when shes relaxing at home with friends. Parties is where Kota is most likely to have drink, she'll either get completely smashed, or just tipsy.

Smoking Addiction:
As a result of her depression and childhood, Dakota has become a smoker, though, she is trying to stop. Most of the time, Kota only smokes when she's sad, or pissed off, depending on the situation.

Drug Addiction:
Dakota isn't really that into drugs, she has tried them, but never seemed to find much interest in them.

Sex is something that, like most people, Dakota enjoys, like yeah.

Dakota lost her virginity to her last boyfriend, Joseph, when they were 17. After being extremely awkward and nervous, they soon eased up.

Criminal Record
• Caught drag racing; fined £1000


* Depend on situation

Good: Polite, Interested, Humorous, Patient, Reliable,Generous, Encouraging, Caring, Helpful, Talkative, Sociable.
Neutral: Flirtatious, Loyal, Ambitious
Bad :Protective,Snappy, Sarcastic, Hot-headed, Resentful,
Private : Sensitive, Self-conscious, Affectionate, Passionate.


Dakota is usually a rather sheltered girl when first approached, and she's usually quiet and shy, though this depends on the situation, and who the person is- whether she has known them before, etc or if she finds them attractive. Her attitude towards most people is pretty polite, she'd never say anything rude, unless the person has upset her, or pissed her off. Towards her friends, Kota is extremely caring, meaning she'd do whatever she can to make the certain person, or people, happy. She'll want to hang around with them all the time, or whenever possible for the whole lot.

With her best friends, Dakota is almost the same as she is with normal friends, but more confident and protective. She'll, again, want to hang out all the time, and be around that certain person, though, she wont be extremely clingy, all the time. Kota will discuss her feelings, and problems with her best friend, letting them know on whats happening in her life, etc.

Towards her crush/interest, Dakota is pretty shy around them and when speaking to them. She'll eventually tell them how she feels, though it could take some time.  With her partners, Kota is extremely loyal, honest, and open, meaning she'll never cheat, and will always be truthful, so no secrets and what not. She'll let her private traits show and will become affectionate and passionate towards that certain person.

If Kota ends up making an enemy, or disliking someone, she'll either remain quiet and ignore them, or, bitch out and snap at them, though this all depends on the situation and what's happening at the time.


Chapter 1: Childhood (birth - 13)
• Dakota Hayes was born in Liverpool to the British couple: Vanessa and Beck Hayes. The family wasn't small, nor large, so a pretty normal sized family.
• Vanessa worked as a nurse in the local hospital, though, when Kota was born, she took a few months off, after maternity leave. Beck, however, worked in the army and was rarely in the house, he was deployed into many countries around the world.
• Dakota has an older brother, Chase Hayes, whom she became very close with and ended up developing a strong bond with him, as well as him with her.
• At the age of three, Dakota began attending nursery, where she learned many needed skills for everyday life. She learned to socialise properly with other children, as well as her parents and teachers.
• After nursery, she began attending primary school in Liverpool, where she  made friends, though, the friendship didn't last long as her dad got a new job and ended up having to work in America, thus, Dakota had her family moving over there.
•In her new school, Dakota ended up joining a friendship group consisting of 6 people; 4 boys and 2 girls. The group's bond was extremely strong and it was pretty hard to separate them when it came to other classes etc.
• By the age of 8, Dakota had developed in many things such as: Soccer, Music and dancing. She attended soccer matches with Chase every saturday, hardly ever missing one.
• Dakota had also joined a soccer club where she'd go and train on Saturday mornings, before she attended the big match with her brother that afternoon.
• Primary school was pretty simple really, she managed to keep the same friends, and learn a lot. She was always studying at home whenever a test was coming up, most of the time it was with her friends.
• After primary school, Dakota began attending highschool, which was pretty scary for her, though she soon got used to it. She remained close with her friends, the bond now a lot stronger.
• Dakota always seemed to achieve high grades, along with her friends- they were in the same classes. She studied regularly for tests, and was always well prepared for them.

Chapter 2: Teenage Years (13-18)
• Dakota had continued to go to her soccer club, as well as the matches with Chase. When she was thirteen, she ended up joining a small team of boys, and a few girls, whom played many matches against other teams.
• Her life at highschool was pretty simple really; attending high grades, meeting up with friends etc.
• Throughout her teenage years, Dakota and her friends had found their own little hang out; a dust track. They'd always go there on weekends, skating, or going on their BMX, riding down the tracks.
• When they were all old enough to drive, they began drag racing instead, racing eachother down the tracks and back around. This eventually resulted in them getting caught, though only fined. Obviously, they didn't stop, but continued.
• Dakota had only ever had two boyfriends throughout her teenage years, one that ended on neutral terms, and the other because he cheated on her.

Chapter 3: Living In America
To be done (filled in throughout roleplay)

Theme Songs + Videos

Main Themes

Themes including :
Main, working-out, lover/interest, pissed, depressed, sex, songs to people.

• Main Theme :
• Pissed off :
• Interest :
• In Love :
• Sex : Tove Lo//Talking Body
• Depressed :
• Heartbroken : Tove Lo//Stay High

Random Videos

Dislike // Strongly Dislike // Enemy
Unsure // Distrust // Avoidance
Embarrassed // Worry // Fear
Disappointment // Annoyance // Jealousy

Stranger // Acquaintance // Curiosity // Neutral
Likes // Friend // Bestfriend
Trustworthy // Protective // Admiration
Loyal // Respect // Highly Respect

Interest // Crush // Infatuation
Attraction // Sexual Attraction // Emotional Attraction
Love // Affectionate // Family/Like Family

Remorse // Empathy // Mourning/Miss

♫ - Song
♥ - Partner
♡ - Ex-Partner
✮ - Fuck Buddy
∞ - Family
✖- Deceased / Missing



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