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Indiana G.

Post by Indiana/Marina on Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:49 am

Faceclaim- Candice Swanepoel
Indiana G. Gerads, also known as Indie.
No job yet.
24 Years Old.

Sexuality- Heterosexual
Has had sexual relations with Atticus.
Currently interested in Atticus.
Currently in a relationship with no one.

Mother of Oliver (RIP), and Ethan (went MIA)
Cousin of Adaline.

"Suicidal-crazed lions are tryin' to eat me, blood runnin' down their chin. I can stand up or let the lions win. So I try to assemble what weapons I can find, because sometimes to stay alive you've gotta kill your mind."


Silver Gerber Mark II

HK45 with 10 rounds in a 10 round box magazine.

HK417 with 50 rounds in a 50 round drum magazine.

6 MRE packages

2 large water bottles

hygiene tools

changes if clothes


knife sharpener

2 dog bowls

sound canceling headphones

sleeping bag

box of matches

utility flashlight

Companion is Trooper, a one year old German Shepherd.


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