Hunter Jay Caverly-Williams

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Hunter Jay Caverly-Williams

Post by Royan on Tue Oct 06, 2015 4:52 am

Hunter Jay Caverly-Williams

"We All Have Our Inner Demons."

Basic Information
Nickname(s):"Hunt, Jay"
Played by: Furor/Colin
Aged 20 Years old. (Due to a werewolves fast growing is actually 2)
Bipedal Werewolf/Angel
FC is Max Carver
Vocals of Max Carver
Sexual Orientation, Heterosexual
Has had relations with No One
In a relationship with -
Is Crushing on -
Has mixed feelings for -
Sanity 70%

Family; Royan Caverly(Father), Ellie Williams(Mother/Deceased), Hayden Caverly-Williams(Twin Brother).


Hunter was a special child, born with a magnificent twin brother who he was 10 minutes older then. He grew into his fathers powers as a werewolf but he also grew with his mothers. He was an angel, born and bred. He loved it. He was always held up high in the pack as the angel/werewolf hybrid and he was always in fame. Other then his twin brother who was neglected a lot. But he loved his little bro. They were best friends.

Hunter and Hayden stuck together in high school. No one in the school messed with them. Though Hunter was more popular then Hayden, Hayden was kind of just there most of them time. When Hunter heard about his brother cutting and hurting himself and wanting to commit suicide of such neglection he wanted to put a stop to it. He went straight to his brother tried to comfort him. But it didn't work. Days later Hayden was found, silver burns on his hand a silver dagger right through his chest. That is when the hunters attacked the pack Hayden lost his father he was fighting the hunters, his mother died as he tried to help her. He ran. His family, he thought was dead.

Hunter is searching for Roy, he was alive, he could feel it. He also found Hayden, he died, but he was back as a demon. Kind of a weird pair but it work they were best friends still. Both as powerful as the other. They're looking for their father together, it led them to so many places. And they're in the last place. Ensley and Blackfyre Forest. He has to be here if he isn't he is most likely dead or in sharp hiding.



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