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Marina Fayhe

Post by Indiana/Marina on Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:49 pm

Marina Fayhe
Appears 19 years old.
Bisexual (But prefers men a lot more).

Had sexual relations with~ Like, two people who she doesn't even remember.
Friends with~ Anyone who will like her reptiles.
Interested in~ No one specific yet.

Hobbies~ Hiking, Reptile Handling, Reading, Mountain Biking, Ziplining, Skydiving, Hangliding. Practacilly anything that involves possible injuries.
Job~ Works at a reptile breeding & rescue clinic
Past Jobs~ Babysitter, coffee shop barista
Face claim- Miranda Kerr
Vocals- Marina Diamandis

Bipedal Phoenix form has the same wings as Full Phoenix Form.
Full Phoenix form:

Estrella (Bearded Dragon, F)

Jasmine (Citrus Hypo, Bearded Dragon, F)

Smaug (5 ft long, Blood corn snake, M)

Tide (Bi-color, Crested Gecko, M)


(This one is just REALLY CATCHY)

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