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Royan Carter Caverly

Post by Royan on Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:57 am

Royan Caverly

"Fight. Kill. Survive."

~*Human Form*~

Genitals of Male
Survived 21 years
turned at the age of 17
Born human
Roy is a Bipedal Werewolf/Phoenix/Demon
Appearance of Alexander Ludwig (The Vikings)
Vocals of Alexander Ludwig
Sexual Orientation of Bisexual
Has had relations with; Elijah, Kylee, Ayana and Ethan
In a relationship with -
Has his eyes on No One
crushing on No One
Regrets his actions with Kylee
Injured ()
Ill ()
Human Job: Ranger/Melee Fighter
Theme Song;

Demon Powers; Can Create the Illusion of Pain in a target hurting them a lot

And he has Sensory Deprivation, where with a black mist from his hand can cut off peoples senses as he wishes paralyzing them.

Final Demon form Power is that of Zafrina from Twilight, but more Creepier.


Bow and Arrow he loves

Knife Scarlett Gave him

His beloved Throwing knives

His Combative Sickle

And his gun

Roy has lost most of his weaponry, he has found his Bow and knives at the house in Greenwich Forest, His gun is back in Blackfyre along with his Sickle. But with his new powers he doesn't really need the weapons.

Theme 1

~*Wolf Form*~
He looks likes a werewolf from Teen Wolf such as Derek Below but Alexander instead.


normal form

second form

Final Form


human form (wings appear as fire and hot)

Full phoenix form

Theme Song;


Roy started of his life nicely. He lived with his family oldest three younger siblings two sisters and another brother. He was studying to becoming a doctor. If he graduated he was so happy he could become a doctor and work in the hospital. Then that night. It was the student after party Roy was 17 when he got home to a blood splattered broken door. He went inside his baby brothers dead body on the stairs and blood everywhere. In the lounge room the monster stood tearing at his mother. It turned to him and attacked biting his shoulder. Roy had his knife on him and killed the beast, an Alpha. getting up he walked outside collapsing on the ground outside knocked out in excruciating pain.


Roy found Eli, and some other werewolves like himself in a camp in Blackfyre, naked the first time they met what a nice start. Naked and beaten Roy was healed and got some clothes. He was on a long recovery but he could deal with it. After a while he grew a crush on Eli, he fucking loved the dude and they did things, they got close, Eli hated it but he soon accepted it a bit iffy and they dated for a while. Roy loved Eli. After running from Blackfyre when the hunters attacked Roy and Eli ended up in Lykaon. They lived together. But after one slip Roy and Eli broke up. Roy cheated on Eli in his drunken state with Aya impregnating her and giving her Rose their child. Roy moved out and Felin moved in with Eli. Roy then chased after Ayana, he loved the girl. Roy is now a Bi-Pedal werewolf cross phoenix/demon. He's stronger after his death thanks to the demons. He loves the strength. He is following his own path, not really in love with anyone.


He is focused on working with his pack. His alpha powers strengthening. He hasn't been around much lately, getting ready for something bigger.


"This Might Hurt"

"Deal With It, Let Him Be The Hero of His Morally Black and White World, Real Survivors, You and I, We Live in Shades of Grey"

"When The Snows Fall and The White Winds Blow, The Lone Wolf Dies But the Pack survives"

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