Garrett Dwayne Grayson

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Garrett Dwayne Grayson

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Garrett Grayson

"The Sun, The Moon, The Truth"

(Note: If Pictures are too big and can't be seen, Open it in a new tab to see full Visual)

Basic Information
Garrett Guzman
Nickname:"Rett, Gar"
Aged 24
Demon/Werewolf (Bi-Pedal)/Witch
FC is Ryan Guzman
Vocals of Ryan Guzman
Sexual Orientation, HeteroSexual
Has had relations with Ayana
In a relationship with -
Is Crushing on -
Has mixed feelings for -
Sanity 10%

Theme Song(s)

Werewolf Form;

Demon Form;

Next Demon form

Final demon form


Garretts childhood wasn't very good. Both his parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol, his father ran a gang and his mother was a prostitute, he wasn't properly care for. He had siblings but they were all half brothers and sisters etc, he was the only pure blood of the family. At the age of 4 his father had lured Garrett to hang with him and his buddies. Let's just say they weren't necessarily hanging out so to speak. His father commanded his gang friends to rape, abuse and piss on Garrett, his father joined in on the fun too, this fucked Garrett up big time, his mother continuously abused Garrett and if she wasn't abusing him, she was other selling her body to another man or chugging alcohol while shooting heroin.

Garretts Teen life wasn't as good either, he was always arguing with his mother, bullied at school only to come home to more abuse. He was still raped by his father and his fathers friends, his mother knew about what would go down in the basement, she ignored it all, she hated Garrett. Garrett by the age of 18 was forced into prostitution, he hated it and ran from the ring a month in, he then became a stripper and did pornos, but he quit then its when he realised that he had no friends Except a guy named Kit. He didn't want to live anymore. He was walking home one day, he was ready to commit suicide, but something happened. He was walking home completely dark out when a humanoid came out of no where and bit him on the shoulder. He kicked the thing and ran, he heard gunshots continuing to run. He got back to his house, the wound bad. He had no time to get inside. He had collapsed on the grass dying. The bite did nothing to him and he went to hell.

Garrett served most of his life in hell, he was about 24 when he came back to the surface, and still remains at a 24 aged body. He killed many with his demonic powers. It didn't take long for his new powers to kick in and he realised the bite that killed him that night was a werewolf bite. Garrett is literally about 100 years old though he looks so young. His werewolf powers and demon powers made him strong, but what made him stronger was the witch powers he had, studying witchcraft helped him. That's when it began, the madness which now consumes his life, he murdered the house of witches he lived with achieving the blue werewolf eyes, and from then on out, he hated everyone, he killed for a living and lives an insane life of violence and hatred.

Recent Events;
Garrett is going to fix Aya, and get back with her.

Garrett has a Wolf Hybrid named Joey he is only a pup at the moment

As a Pup;

As an adult;


"At the End, We all Die Alone"

"And I know that Somewhere Inside that Cold Lifeless Exterior is an Actual Human Soul"

"Turn me Away and I'll burn you first"

"I Do Not Have a Gentle Heart"

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